As one of Oman’s oldest business houses, the Moosa Group’s history is closely interwoven with Muscat’s glorious past as a key trading outpost in times bygone. Starting out in 1927 as a supplier of coal for visiting merchant ships and frigates anchoring off Muscat, the group rapidly diversified its business interests to eventually join the ranks of the leading names in trade and commerce in those times. This stellar growth was a testament to the extraordinary vision and business acumen of its founder, Sheikh Moosa Abdul Rahman Hassan, whose legacy continues to underpin and sustain the growth of this group in modern times.

Then, as now, automotive brands were the hallmarks of the Group’s well-diversified business portfolio. Iconic brands such as Holden and Bedford were synonymous with Moosa in the 1950s and 1960s makingMoosa one of the oldest automotive dealers not only in Oman but in the entire region. The company’s defence and military division has focused on supplying specially built vehicles for the Omani Armed Forces. Additionally, vehicles have also been modified to specifications for Petroleum Development Oman (PDO).

Over the years, its reputation has only burgeoned and strengthened over the ensuing decades upon the addition of renowned automotive brands such as GMC, to its illustrious offering.